About us

At Farcomake, we strive to make medical disposables accessible and affordable and to optimize the cost of the care delivery. We are passionate about the design and technological innovations that make our products unique.

We are developing a range of new products in the critical care, anesthesia and renal dialysis.

Continuous investment in innovations, research and development of our products allows us to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, health care industry and the patients we serve.

Our production facility is founded on some 4400 square meters in Alexandria Egypt, the main port of Egypt, which gives us the benefits of timely deliveries for our international partners, in addition to the full utilization of the logistic costs.

Since the establishment in 2004, we are continuously approaching new partners and new markets through a wide range of products.


“Our vision is to bring value to our customers in concentrating on high quality products, to annually increase our production capacities, to open new international markets and to satisfy our customers’ needs.”


“Operation of Excellence”


Our aim is to provide our products through the latest technological advancement to make them accessible and affordable. To do this we have to research the unmet needs, develop new products, innovate current products and we must understand our customers better than anyone else.

Through our clear vision and our pursuit for excellence, we focus on consistent growth in our public sector in the Egyptian Health care market as well as our current and potential export markets.

To achieve our targets, Farcomake recognizes the importance of customer feedback and satisfaction, sophisticated ERP system and endorsed R&D system for our products.